Meet our mom blogger and influencer, who has battled it all, to make her stand firm- Mrs Snehalata Jain

If you are a homemaker and regretting of not having anything to do, or hoping to see yourself on top of the skies, dreamt of playing among stars, but ironically you have been married and you have dedicated your life to full time home service, and letting your dreams shatter just not to let lose any corner in upbringing of your child and to provide best of your efforts to handle your family. Well! This isn’t it, there are so many inspirational stories to share which can guide mommies and homemakers, which can change their life altogether; boost up their lost confidence to work on shaping on their dreams, not only that, but to achieve them in every possible manner.

Mrs Snehalata Jain
Mrs Snehalata Jain

One such story is of India’s one of the leading and famous blogger Mrs Snehalata Jain, who has broken every stereotype to fulfil her dream, but not at the cost of her family. She has managed to prove it well, that how a women is considered a strong entity. How she can manage both family and her dreams.

Born and raised up in Mumbai, Jain has always exceled in studies. Being a microbiologist she had worked as a professor for years, which she gives up just to make sure her parenting is met at par. She has always been a caring mom, for whom she has let loosen up the grip on her dreams, but the spark in her soul of achieving her dreams never let her sleep and she had managed to work on them. The result of which is in front of the world right now.

Staring her journey just as a writer, who keeps on updating her blogs about different parenting skills, she in no time managed it to touch the heights of excellence. Snehalata is considered one of the finest and oldest mom blogger and influencer from India

Snehalata, when started her blog with the name Blogsikka had never imagined how she will be an inspiration and a role model for so much of live around the world.

Her blog keeps on updating different themes, like living different lifestyles, a balance between home making and earning, setting and achieving goals etc.

She is having a great reader base, who keeps on praising her skills. She has established herself among the leading and famous bloggers of India. Most of her blogs are dedicated to mommies, a how they can take care of their children and earn for themselves how they can live their dreams.

Snehalata Jain has travelled to many places around the world along with her baby girl. She has worked with leading brands and has been considered among the favourite to approach. Snehlata has a good command over writing and speaking English, it’s because of this fact her blogs are not limited to the native land but is having a reach all over the world.

Snehalata is currently residing in Mumbai, Maharashtra along with her family. She holds an opinion that blogging is an emerging field to start up if one wants to become an entrepreneur in this particular field. As per her views, blogging needs creative writing skills and those could be achieved by learning and absorbing new techniques. Snehalata is also providing a platform for women to showcase their talent in the field of blogging. She can prove to be a fruitful coach if anyone wants to approach her for learning and developmental process.

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