Meet Shreyansh Gupta, The Youngest Social Media Marketing Guru

Shreyansh Gupta
Shreyansh Gupta

It is said that curiosity is the first step to the peak of that mountain that people call success. Hard work and will power being the second and third.
The fact is truly exemplified by Shreyansh Gupta, Digital Marketer, PR expert, and one of the youngest social media marketing guru of the country. A boy who didn’t know when to give up.

Born on 18 June 2001, a young lad hailing from Agra, Shreyansh started his digital journey at the age of 14 when he first discovered the joys of blogging. It was then that he first realized his passion for the digital world and so his curiosity got to him like nothing ever had.

At 14 he was probably one of the youngest bloggers at the time but that didn’t satisfy him.

He strived hard, working furiously, pitching in late hours, learning as much as he could, he developed a forte of skills that few people are able to develop in their lifetimes.

Consequently, he is now the proud owner of DevelopXmedia Pvt. Ltd. A company that he founded at the age of 18 and owing to his integral work and substance, he has made tremendous developments till now dealing with over 10k clients including people from all spheres of life, be it celebrities, artists, YouTubers, or normal people alike. completing more than 40k orders with exceptional services.
Such is the face of success stemming from hard work.

A popular and upcoming face in the field of digital marketing as well as being a social influencer and a PR expert, he considers social media marketing as his strong suit and can justifiably be called the youngest social media marketing guru the country has ever seen.

Often mistaking Shreyansh’s success for his luck, people underestimate the sheer power of hard work and will power.

It was a rather long and tedious journey that brought Shreyansh to where he is now.

When asked about his work and the stress-related with it, he answers, ” it’s not always, that things go your way. Many times, it so happens that everything seems to be a failure but that’s the exact time to just keep going and not give up”

It can be truly justified, that his progress and success can be attributed to hard work and his determination as much as it can be attributed to his curious nature.

The youth will not stop now.

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