Mehdi Mobarkeh Spills the Beans on his Success Mantra In Business & Turning a Lifestyle Influencer

Of late, one can find a positive shift in the field of social media. People of all the classes and walks of life have showcased their interest in this field including both the young college-going students and even the working professionals. Mehdi Mobarkeh is a successful entrepreneur having his base in Iran and at the same time has a good command over Social Media to emerge as a key lifestyle influencer as well. Born on 9th September 1988, in Dezful, he was brought up in Ahvaz, Iran. At an early age, he wanted to be an influencer and he achieves his dreams when turned adult.

Later, he headed to Turkey once he completed his studies in Iran. While he was in school, he also learned cartography and later completed his BSC In Civil Engineering. He remained in Iran till 2016 and got involved in road and building construction ventures. Later, he headed to Turkey as he saw more prospects there in the field of real estate along with the import and export sector. His work gave him recognition in his circle and soon achieved his name and fame in his domain in Turkey. Today, he is a talented and successful entrepreneur and has offices not just in Turkey but also in other parts of Europe as well thus is often seen traveling different place to catch work.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, he always wanted to be an influencer that made him tread the path of Lifestyle Enterprise. In his earlier days, he used to post content talking about his activities done in daily chores. Soon he started getting a good response to his posts and he then started shaping up the content adding positive and motivational elements. According to him, he used to loved to be a motivational speaker at times and used to inspire people in his friend circles and tell them how to achieve success in life. It used to give him a good feeling and help him share his words of wisdom getting implemented in people’s lives. In a nutshell, all we can say is, Sheikh Mehdi is a self-made man and did things from scratch to become a successful entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer.

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