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Memorandum for allotment of plots for expansion

A memorandum for issues relating to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises has been submitted to Shri Ashok Dharmadhikari who is the Joint Director of Industries, Nagpur. Allotment of Plots for Expansion to existing MSME units in MIDC areas on priority basis has been demanded by the Chamber of Small Industry Association (COSIA).

The memorandum was also put up in District Level Coordination Committee (DLCC) Mr. Sanjeev Kumar who is the Divisional Commissioner of Nagpur. In the memorandum, it was clearly stated that the industries established for long and wanting to expand their activity with the help of a small land within their area got a denial or their application has been put up on hold. Some also faced primary rejection of applications or have been asked to move somewhere else. Contrary to this, new applications for requirement of large land have been accepted which is unfair and against MIDC establishment objectives.

Another matter regarding Minimum 40% BCC Requirement for new allotees, related to MIDC was also a topic of discussion. A request was made by COSIA to consider the new proposals based on the type of industries rather than asking all to abide by the given clause, forcefully. This was said because the industrial requirement of construction is different for different type and nature of industries. The industries in heavy fabrication work require a lot of space to carry out manufacturing activities in any open area. So, a decision should be made based on the case. They shouldn’t be unfair and be justified with all.

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