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Mihan Project Waiting For Funds

Mihan Nagpur
Mihan Nagpur

Mihan is a major district of Nagpur and equally important for the entire country as well. Mihan project which is considered to be a major project for the city is not on progress. It has been a long time but no progress has been seen in it. The management is not ready to come up with reasons and excuses even no proper response has been generated from their side.

people of the city are waiting for the project to be completed. Funds are also considered to be a reason behind the slow progress of the project.  The government is providing some fund but it seems like it is not enough at all. in such case, the only hope they are left with are some private sector companies to invest in the project.

The state government have granted a fund of 950 crore rupees but it is still not enough. Alongside the lack of fund, no proper information on the amount of fund required for the project has not been provided. The government and the citizen have been waiting for the details and proofs of the money management but no such stuff has been provided from the side of the committee. It may take some more time but still the process needs to speed up.

The very own institute of Nagpur, IIM- Nagpur has come up to help the Committee to raise some fund for the project. The institute has just made a report for the project to raise a fund of approximately 650 crore rupees. This report from the institute is considered to be a saviour for the project. Once they are up with enough fund, the project is expected to speed up with better development. The project needs to be completed soon for the development of the city. Any response from the committee will be shared as soon as they share any.

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