Miquel Blázquez Font A competent Sports Journalist focusing in Football

Miquel Blázquez Font

For Miquel Blázquez Font, his love for sports particularly football started when he was barely ten years of age. Apart from playing sports, he also used to listen to the radio commentary allowing him to get an edge on the technicalities of the sport. He continued doing so that developed a strong bond between him and football. When he was 16 years of age, he visited Radio Station that gave him an idea as to how things work when it comes to giving any commentary or other things.

His love for sports helped him pursue a UG Program in Communication Sciences from the reputed university- Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). His career in journalism started with local newsrooms and radios. When he was barely 19 he got the opportunity to work at Radio Kanal Barcelona. He is still part of the Sin Concesiones radio program, which has Marçal Lorente as its director. This program deals with offering daily sports information that is related to football. At the very same time, we see him commenting and collaborating on the sports broadcasts for different football matches including La Liga and Champions League the known Football Club in Barcelona.

Miquel Blázquez is a known Spanish Sports journalist with a good presence on social media. With more than two decades of exposure and experience in this field, he intends to use this over social media. He has remained the part of many popular radio programs about sports. There he reviews the day to day sports news on a daily basis. This has made this man get an edge over social media allowing him to be an influencer. Thanks to his popularity in sports media, he now helps people and brands to prosper with their businesses online

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