Mirza Muhammad Shakeel: A Known face on Tik Tok Mostly Seen as a Host for different virtual shows

Of late, we have seen a paradigm shift in the entertainment domain. Many things moving around the industry have taken a new shape. We see interesting formats coming to entertain the domain. Live shows, reality shows and many more remain the part and parcel of the entertainment domain. This has pushed the importance of hosting in the entertainment world. We have several types of events that are driven by the presence of the host. Not many people aspire to make their career in this field. However, one man who wants to establish his name in this domain is Mirza Muhammad Shakeel.

Mirza Muhammad Shakeel
Mirza Muhammad Shakeel

He was born in UAE on 16th August 1986 and was brought to different places in Asia and Middle East. When Tik Tok came, he was quick to understand the format and went on to explore it so that he can leverage it to sharpen his skills. He keeps on doing a couple of virtual shows and events on Tik Tok and other social media platforms to tread the path of a hosting career. He is very much focussed in his life. He has worked with FM Sunrise Pakistan and Manchester Asian Radio, UK. In the UK, he did a guest show on BBC Lancashire.

He has always been a good communicator and loves to make friends and interact with a wide range of people. As she completed her degree in Economics and Sociology, he has taken time to groom his skills. He started using the Tik Tok platform to shape up his hosting skills and at the same time, he is engaged at  Gulf Medical University Ajman, UAE at Executive Administration. He aspires to host big events like IPL one day. Aiming high, he wants to reach the top of the hosting industry world. By keeping himself straight and focussed, he intends to go a long way.

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