Mohammad Zeinali enthrals all with his latest release, “Aroome Aroom”.

The passionate musical artist is riding high on success with each of his tracks across streaming sites

People who have shown much courage, determination and passion are those who have crossed boundaries and reached their desired level of excellence in their respective fields. Such individuals have always displayed what it takes to become one’s best versions and how other budding talents too can come forward to put in every possible effort to reach their definition of success. All of this is definitely easier said than done, but still, a few rare gems have pushed limits to create a flourishing career for themselves and emerge as true winners. The music space is filled and overflows with umpteen numbers of such talented musical artists and singers; however, only a few have gone ahead in making waves, and Mohammad Zeinali, today stands as one of the finest examples in the same.

Mohammad Zeinali
Mohammad Zeinali

It is amazing to learn about this passionate man, who has been an engineer in telecommunications electronics and has thrived as a media manager, receiving a degree in media management from the IRIB University. However, he confesses how the music space always fascinated him and how he felt a close inclination towards the space even as a youngster. This encouraged him to become a part of the music game, apart from fulfilling his dreams as an entrepreneur and inventor. Today, Mohammad Zeinali is gradually rising to the top of the music scene as a passionate singer, performer and artist.

His latest release, “Aroome Aroom”, that released this year, is already making a lot of noise in the industry, thanks to his talents as a virtuoso and his innate musical skills and passion, which has led him to create success for himself, not just with this song, but the entire discography he has created for himself thus far with songs like Ekhtera, Bi Gharar, Mavad Yab Hunter, Mokhtareh Irani, Bashgah Esteghlal and many others.

To listen to this incredible singer and musical artist, check out his Spotify account,

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