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More than 50 covid cases in Vidarbha, For the first time since September 1

Nagpur district alone has 44 cases out of 53 cases reported on Tuesday. However, these cases have come from almost all other districts as well.

Nagpur: Eleven districts of Vidarbha together recorded 53 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours. This is the first time this has happened after the date of September 1. Nagpur district alone has 44 cases out of 53 cases reported on Tuesday. However, these cases have come from almost all other districts as well. Except Chandrapur, Gadchiroli, and Yavatmal, new covid cases have come to the fore in all the districts.

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In a single day, only 6 patients of covid have been cured. So far 214 patients of covid are being treated in this area. This number has crossed the 200 mark for the first time since the date of 20 August. A total of 9,605 tests have been conducted in the last 24 hours. Of the 53 who tested covid positive, the test positivity rate is also 0.55%. The TPR of the Vidarbha region was more than 0.5% for the third time in the same week.

Covid positive patients increasing number, under-treatment covid patients, and TPR above 0.5% for 3 days a week together indicate a new increase of coronavirus cases in the region. This could also be the beginning of a new wave of covid.

In district Nagpur, 44 cases of covid including 34 from the city, 7 from the outer district, and 3 from rural have been registered against a patient who recovered on Tuesday. Right now, more covid cases have come out in December than in the last 4 months. The final tally is also likely to increase in the next 3 days of the month.

Wardha: On Tuesday, one more covid positive case has been found in 359 investigation reports, Due to which the total number of cases has gone up to 49,443. No new recovery or death has been reported by any means, While toll and recovery remained unchanged at 1,326 and 48,109 respectively. There are only 4 active positive patients in this district.

Yavatmal: No death nor any new covid positive patient has been reported in this district during the last 24 hours. Due to which the death toll is 1,788. There are 10 active covid positive patients. Hospitals in this district have 1,764 beds for coronavirus patients.

Chandrapur: This district has scored 0 in terms of detection and deaths as well as accuracy on Tuesday, Due to which the number of coronavirus active patients has remained stable at 6.

Amravati: Out of 719 samples tested in the last 24 hours in this district, 1 new case has taken the district’s caseload to 96,216 on Tuesday. With no recovery and no deaths reported in the district, the number of active cases under treatment has gone up to 11.

Bhandara: After 8 days in this district, a new case of coronavirus has come out on Tuesday. Out of 490 tests conducted in the last 24 hours, only 1 was positive.

Gondia: After getting 2 new cases yesterday, out of 145 tests conducted on Tuesday, another new case has come out. 1 patient has also been cured. Now 3 patients are undergoing treatment. Of these, 2 are also in home isolation.

Gadchiroli: No new case has come out from the district. Nor has any patient recovered.

Buldhana: 1 patient has been cured on Tuesday. While 1 patient of covid has been detected, Due to which the total number of patients under treatment has gone up to 11. A total of 465 tests have been done.

Akola: 3 new cases have been found in this district. Where 661 tests have been done in the last 24 hours. No recovery was reported in the district. Now the treatment of 9 patients is going on.

Washim: Reported a new patient only after living with ‘0 covid’ tag for about 2 weeks. At present, the only patient of covid is undergoing treatment in the district.

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