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More than 60% of children have natural antibodies, start school early, say doctors

India's leading pediatricians have appealed to the state governments to start schools from primary classes

Nagpur: More than 60% of children in the school-going age group already claim to have natural antibodies against the corona. India’s leading pediatricians have appealed to the state governments to start all schools from primary classes without any delay.

children natural antibodies

National General Secretary, National Neonatology Forum (NNF) India, Dr. Dinesh Tomar has said that “The social, psychological and mental development of this generation has already suffered a great loss by not attending school for such a long period. And now it will take years to recover,”

He has also told that the state of Haryana has adopted a strategic policy to shut down all the online schools.

It has also been said that online is also not an option for all schools within Haryana. The state government has started school for every single class and now all the children are doing very well.

Reopen All Primary Schools

The President of National Neonatology Forum and the acclaimed Pediatrician named Dr. Ranjan Kumar Pejaver. He has said that Karnataka has also given permission to reopen all primary schools from Monday. He has also said that “Till the time teachers and staff are well vaccinated against covid-19. Till then there is no risk in opening all the schools. All those children have also learned to follow the distancing well and the children have also become accustomed to wearing masks. Parents and caregivers of all children should also get vaccinated against COVID-19 and all will be well soon.”

From the date of 23 October, Nagpur district is now hosting the conference of Pediatricians ‘Neocon-2021’. Which is the first major medical event in physical format since coronavirus. Dr. Vijay Dhote has said that as Pediatricians we have now made it a point to have this conference in physical format instead of being virtual. Just to instil such confidence among all the people that the time has come to move towards normalcy.

Veteran Pediatrician named Dr. Satish Deopujari. Dr. DG Gan who delivered the lecture has stressed that there is no risk of any kind in sending all children to schools. Dr. Satish Deopujari has said that we have come in this epidemic of covid-19 in this way and now we understand covid-19 very well. Children are also mostly safe. Most of them have been infected long ago. And showing any kind of symptoms have also been cured. Now the parents of the children should also send their children to the schools without any hesitation.

Pediatricians are now most prominently discussing intensive care of the newborn in this conference. “Our aim is to reduce the neonatal mortality rate in India from 20 per 1,000 to less than 10 per 1,000 live births by 2030,” The patron of Nagpur AOP, whose name is Dr. Uday Bodhankar, said. For this, now these doctors have encouraged four hospital visits, institutional deliveries for the expectant mother at the time of 9 months of pregnancy. And simple educative measures like creating awareness among the common people about factors like kangaroo mother care are also suggested.

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