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MSEDCL to Take over SNDL in Nagpur

SNDL, which happens to be the group taking care of the electricity supply and its maintenance in Nagpur seems to have given up as MSEDCL is now going to take up the responsibility. It was the SNDL that gave up asking the MSEDCL to take up the areas which it has been taking care since past few years on 8th Midnight informed energy minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule in the Sunday evening at a press conference.

As per the minister, SNDL is under a big loss of 225 Crores, which MSEDCL has to take care. This has occurred due to the increasing dues towards the organization SNDL. The minister also said that the class-III employees of SNDL and the working contractors would continue to work with MSEDCL for not less than a year. Also, class-II employees can continue to work with MSEDCL. However, these can be easily recruited as the class-III staffers with the 20% increment salary.

Currently, SNDL has around 150 employees, while it has 800 more staffers as contractors. Currently, MSEDCL had transferred the three executive engineers, along with a few deputy executive engineers, assistant engineers and the line staffers in the areas where SNDL has been operational so far. The vendors of SNDL currently owes 35 Crores, while the minister has claimed to take care of the 15 crores as the moment. On the other side, 79 Crores still the consumers owe, which will be recovered soon. SNDL started taking care of certain areas since 2011, however the growing losses led this decision. Just after the Press Conference, the minister was asked by the SNDL workers asking their salaries, which the minister promised to clear them soon.

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