Multitalented star Alisha Rajput winning hearts on social media

An inspiration, a dancer, an actor, a Shayar, Alisha Rajput has become one of the most influential faces on social media. Born in the small town of Raipur, Alisha was simply creating content because she liked shayaris and acting on camera. In a very short span of time, Alisha gained more than 7 million followers on TikTok. Her content included entertainment at its best through Shayaris, dance, and funny bits. She was doing what she love and this resulted in the massive success of Alisha Rajput AKA Chitra Singh.

Alisha Rajput
Alisha Rajput

After TikTok Alisha had a smooth transition on Instagram. As expected the fans and admirers of the social media star followed her there as well. The star was shining on TikTok with 7 million-plus followers. Currently, she has about 2.5 million followers and 5 million eyes and ears following her content actively.

Alisha’s journey to 2.5 million on Instagram is a combination of hard work, dedication, consistency, and creativity. She believes that every social media star or influencer needs to have these qualities to reach the success they wish for. It is content creators like Alisha (also known as Chitra Singh), who reminds us that short video platforms are a place for artists. Her content is predominantly Shayaris in Hindi. These Shayaris reflect her thoughts, ideas, and also act like a mirror to the nature of people & society. This is the very reason why Alisha Rajput is on the verge of becoming the biggest Shayari profile on Instagram. The Social Media Influencer also takes immense interest in acting, dancing, and fashion as well.

Over the past few years, especially during the pandemic, we witnessed many influencers taking over the internet. Instagram being the hub showed us the best of stars and talents. While most of the Instagrammers were from major cities of India, Alisha hailed as the small-town girl from Raipur. She started as a simple content creator and went on to receive a much greater response than anticipated. This is how she became the biggest Shayari account on Instagram and also an inspiration to many small-town girls.

At just 26, Alisha has witnessed the success and fame that many people dream about. She still believes that this is just the beginning. The fame has made her only humbler and given her the motivation to reach more people through her content.

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