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Murdered of goon, two friends in custody

Police have taken Dipesh Pache and Sahil Shah into the custody and Police is now doing a further investigation.

Nagpur: A notorious goon was allegedly murdered by his friend in Kalamana area on Saturday evening. Kalamana Police has identified the deceased person as Chetan Thakur.

murdered of goon
Dipesh Pache along with Sahil Shah allegedly attacked Chetan Thakur with an iron rod kept there. He also suffered serious knife injuries.

Senior Police Inspector whose name is a Vinod Patil. He has said that the deceased person Chetan Thakur and his accomplice Dipesh Pache were in the jail in that case shortly.

Before both of them after committing the crime together. And both were historians. Many criminal activities were also carried out under the jurisdiction of the Police Station Kalamana.

Dipesh Pache was released from the jail about a month back. While Chetan Thakur came out a recently.

On Saturday afternoon, Chetan Thakur met his common friend named Sahil Shah near Pratibha Lawn under the jurisdiction of Kalamana police station from Pache. Met him at a paan kiosk owned by him.

Started abusing Dipesh Pache

Chetan Thakur allegedly started abusing Dipesh Pache for “lack of efforts” to get him released from the jail. Because of which Chetan Thakur had to stay inside the jail for more than a month.

The situation soon turned violent. Before the Chetan Thakur could understand anything, Dipesh Pache, along with Sahil Shah, attacked on Chetan Thakur with an a iron rod. He has suffered very serious injuries from the knife attack.

On getting this information, The Kalamana police reached there and Chetan Thakur, who was very critically bleeding, was rushed to a Mayo Hospital. Where Chetan Thakur was declared dead.

The police have taken Dipesh Pache and Sahil Shah into the custody. And the police is now doing a further investigation.

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