My First Song with the Money I Saved from My Gigs- Jayant Sankla

Jayant Sankla

Jayant Sankla is known for singing in movies like Narayan and bagpat ka Dulha.

‘Tere Naina’ Fame singer Jayant Sankla says it takes a series of projects to get one successful project in hand.

“I got a lot of love from people after the release of ‘Tere Naina’. People from every age group have loved the song. They started recognizing me after that song, but it won’t be fair to call it as a milestone project.

“I do not believe in milestone projects. It takes a series of projects to land into a great project. I don’t believe in overnight success,” jayant told

The 27-year-old made his debut in Bollywood music industry with Naseeruddin Shah starrer short film ‘The Wallet’. Later, he lent his voice to songs in movies like bagpat ka dulha and more.

Before stepping into B-Town, he had released three singles. On his initial days, he recalled how he used to save money from his gigs to release his first single. “I am grateful for how things have turned out. If I look back at my first single ‘Tere Naina’ , which was a zero budget song, I still remember how I used to save money from my gigs. I would get 5k rupees from my gigs and then I saved it to record my first single. I really would like to take this opportunity to thank my mentor Sumit Babbar who recorded my single and spent hours in the studio with me .

“Tere Naina” on Tseries YouTube. It reached many people from the industry. I then got an offer for this film ‘Coat’ and that’s how one thing led to another. It was not an overnight shift. It was a gradual process.”

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