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My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist

Shah Rukh Khan should have been appreciated by all within a multicultural India. But India has been destroyed by the BJP party.

In this cover story of Outlook Turning Points, a 2013 year special edition jointly published by The New York Times and Outlook magazine, noted actor Shah Rukh Khan wrote, “We make our own little image boxes. And one such box has started tightening its lid more… This is such a box in which the image of my religion is in the minds of many millions of people. Whenever there is a need for restraint to express itself publicly by the Muslim community within my country, Then again I am completely faced with the stringentness of this definition. Actor Shah Rukh Khan’s outrage against stereotyping was expressed quite clearly in the 2010 film My Name is Khan, Which made him cross the country to the (US) United States, declaring that, “My name is Khan but I am not a terrorist at all.”

outlook turning points

This film and the accompanying Outlook essay show that Shah Rukh Khan is well aware that. They should wear the crescent moon, so to speak, Because he is one of the most popular Indian Muslim. And yet he is neither in conflict with his religious identity. And he, in fact, as a normal citizen demands the same for every person on the Indian state. Those who belong to religions other than Islam, India loves the country very much and at the same time opposes any justified violence in the name of religion.

Actor Khan should have been appreciated by all within a multicultural India. But this country of India has been destroyed by the BJP party. Who has misused power to the extent of injecting the psychosomatic ideology of Hindutva into the Hindus, Due to which the perception of many people has changed. They cannot differentiate between hallucinations and reality. In their paranoia, typical of drug addictions, they all see the Muslim as an anti-national.

Don’t let this treacherous article on every woes of parents raising their children in this age of countless temptations deceive you: Actor Khan’s pain is not because of his son Aryan. No medicine of any kind has been found on Khan’s son Aryan. Still he in jail And the bail of the actor’s son Aryan has been contested over the unreliable allegation that Aryan may have been part of the drug trade as well. Only a deceptive Bharat Desh will punish the actor’s son Aryan and tag Khan as a betrayer. And yet it will assure the father of a son who has crushed many farmers that he will remain the Union Minister.

Big egos constantly demand massage, Especially in the global context of populist leaders, including Modi’s, Blaming only the elite for all the problems of the country of India. Big advantage of this plight of Aryan Khan will now be taken in the upcoming elections of Uttar Pradesh, Where Shah Rukh Khan will be the epitome of the family elite as well as the treacherous all-Muslim, And the same hashtag Hindutva troll is now trending all over social media.

But there has been a very loud shuffling on the part of each one of them, Those who believe that the country of India should be inclusive. Unfortunately, many Bollywood professionals have remained silent compared to those who publicly support or sympathize with the actor Khan. The silence which is very disturbing. She belongs to the famous actor Amitabh Bachchan.

Really, who would dare to touch the famous actor Amitabh Bachchan? And he should also remember how Sunil Gavaskar challenged Bal Thackeray and participated in an organized ceremony to honor his own team for Pakistan’s victory in the 1992 World Cup. This is how journalists Hartosh Singh Bal and Jatin Gandhi wrote about 11 years ago that famous actor Amitabh Bachchan is a “man without fault”.

Hollywood pros target all their colleagues before the committee or else He has been falsely implicated for being a communist. Actor Sterling Hayden was also one of them. who later stated that he held himself in contempt for naming all colleagues on the committee, and had thrown himself into near-suicidal depression. And therein lies a huge lesson for the silent brigade of Bollywood

Inside his Outlook essay, famous actor Shah Rukh Khan wrote, “I have given my daughter and son a common (pan-religious and pan-India) name: Suhana and Aryan… I feel now that this will prevent both my children from receiving unreasonable eviction orders and random fatwas in the future.” Actor Shahrukh Khan could not have imagined that his son Aryan would be arrested in Aryavarta or the abode of Aryan.

Muslims of India country have an official blacklist right now. So that they can also choose a name to give to each of their children; Names synonymous with sacrifice and struggle: Abdul Khalid Saifi, Ishrat Jahan, Umar Khalid, Sharjeel Imam, Gulfisha, Shifa Ur Rehman, Meeran Haider etc- all have been booked under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and now He has been locked inside the jail for protesting the Citizenship Amendment Act. To capture the spirit of the deceptive india country of 2021, actor Khan will have to make a film with this title – “I am Khan and I will be framed”.

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