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Nagpur 9th most toxic city in State: Airpocalypse Study

When it comes to the most toxic city in the state, Mumbai tops the list as per the recent study conducted on the norms of the World Health Organization (WHO). Talking about Nagpur, it stands on the ninth position in the list of the most toxic city in the state. Unfortunately for the Vidharbha region, it is not good news as Chandrapur in the region is ranked in the third position for being the most polluted and toxic city in the state.

This was the fourth Airpocalypse report, which was released by the environmental groups like Greenpeace India. It has around 745 monitoring stations all across India since 2018 and they have been working hard to give the cities their respective data suggesting them as to where they stand on their toxic and pollution graph. They had collected the data based on 52 days in the state to come out with this list.

The other cities on the list include Thane, Pune, Aurangabad, Latur, Jalna, Kolhapur, Nasik and Jalgaon who have made on the top slot in the said list. As per the said reports, these cities are in the danger zone as far as toxic air and pollution are concerned when they are measured on the yardstick as set by the World Health Organization. Similarly, the National Clean Air Program initiated by the Union Government made effective in the Jan 2019 had similar views. The program was implemented in some cities of the state as well starting from Mumbai to other cities. Well, we need to do more on this part to rank much away from the pollution in Nagpur.

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