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Nagpur Brands Getting Global Recognition

Nagpur Brands Getting Global Recognination
Nagpur Brands Getting Global Recognination

Nagpur may be a smart city in the making and has its limitation but with the passing time, the brands the city has seemed to be recognized not just in the domestic market but also at the global level. The following are the few brands that have gained recognition in the global market:

Haldiram – The first brand to get recognition in the international market is the food brand – Haldiram. Starting from a modest 880 sq ft area, it owns huge areas for its food joints and restaurants all across the nation. It has bagged several international awards for its quality and taste including the recent one called Power Brands Awards in Sept 2017.

RC Plasto – RC Plasto is a big brand when it comes to producing storage tanks and pipes. With its globally recognized benchmark in quality products and high tech machinery, the company has embarked upon at the global market.

Suruchi – It is a big brand in itself when it comes to spices in Central India. With its unique taste and quality, it has been recognized not just in the country but also in the global market. With its top-class infrastructure and taste, it has evolved in Central India reaching even to the global destination.

Dinshaw’s – The obsession for ice creams particularly during the summers in Nagpur is only addressed by Dinshaw’s ice cream. The brand has turned big overtime after serving eight decades. It has now its international presence giving the best of the taste in the market.

Lokmat Group – The popular publication from Nagpur has come a long way. Being established in 1918 by the freedom fighters like Jawaharlal Darda, it has come a long way. The group has been recognized all across the global destination for carrying out various organs.

Baidyanath – It has remains the big brand in Ayurveda and caters some of the best medicines with holistic approach for various ailments. For decades it has been synonymous to Nagpur city in terms of offering quality healthcare services, attracting not just the domestic patients but the international patients as well.

Wrapping Up

Since decades these brands have carved their niche hard in their respective genre attracting not only the local consumers but also the foreign client base. Nagpur has a way ahead prospects, you just need to be patient to bring more in this kitty.

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