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Nagpur Citizens Wants Liquor Stores to be Closed during the Lockdown

In the recent incident of opening up liquor shops, the wine shops in the state got an overwhelming response where people were seen even comprising the social distancing norm as set by the healthcare experts. However, this has put forth the direction by the officials to lock the wine shops once again as people were getting uncontrolled in most of the areas. Amidst such a situation, the debate emerged whether the stores should be opened or closed during the lockdown time.

Most of the people in Nagpur from different sections of the society feel that the wine shops should be locked during the lockdown period. People consuming the wine belong mostly from the slum and low section of the society apart from the higher and the middle class. The people at the lower section consume the low quality liquor that is not only bad for their health but also affect their families in a big way. This has therefore kept the citizens of Nagpur to keep the wine stores closed during the pandemic outbreak.

Although the government has been eyeing on the taxes it collects from the sale of the liquor in a big way, looking on the other side, allowing it during the lockdown would only make things bad to worse. People in Nagpur feel that since wine does not fall in the category of essential food product it should not be allowed in public. Well, lets see how things would move but at the moment things are not rosy with the maximum number of cases are found in Nagpur in the region.

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