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Nagpur Continues to Burn with 46.8 Degree Celsius 

Nagpur Temperature 46.8 ℃
Nagpur Temperature 46.8 ℃

The last few days in the city have been really tough. All thanks to the scorching summer that soared the mercury to a huge extent making it the hottest place in the region. As per reports, the temperature in Nagpur on Tuesday was recorded with 46.8 degrees celsius making it the hottest in the region. As per El Dorado reports (the global weather body), Nagpur has emerged as the 13th hottest place in the world. While the Indian Meteorological Department or IMD, Nagpur has emerged out as the eighth hottest place in India.

The top hottest places in India Include Churu with 50.0 Degree Cel followed by Palam and Bikaner with 47.6 and 47.4-degree cel. The other hottest places in India include Hisar, Jhansi, Pilani, and Bikaner to name a few. The IMD has also issued a notice for heatwaves in the region and has asked the people of the city to take necessary measurements to beat the heat.

With the city starting with Nautapa (the nine hottest days) in the region, Nagpur is likely to have similar hot temperatures in the coming few days. In the current lockdown, the people in the Nagpur city have more reasons to remain inside their homes to avoid the spread of the virus. This Monday with the opening up the flights, people are seen boarding the same. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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