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Nagpur DC Warns Strict Action against Rumour-Mongers

In the tough time of the pandemic, we see Nagpur getting bad to worse as the city is getting a higher number of COVID 19 virus in the city. Amidst all this we see many people circulating fake messages and rumors on social media about various things like celebrating Eid during the lockdown. As per the recent rumors circulated about having Eid-ul-Adha and the festival of Rakshabandhan, people seemed to be confused about the same.

As per the Nagpur Live, the District Collector Mr. Ravindra Thakare has noticed these misleading info and messages being circulated on social media, which is creating confusion among the people. As per reports, the people are getting confused about celebrating the festivals during this season. Talking about the same, he clarified saying that there will be no public meetings as the matter has been decided earlier by the admin. 

He further warned saying that there are some people with some vested interest who are seen spreading the message. He then warned people not to listen to them or circulate the message further. He then said that strict action will be taken against the people who are responsible in circulating the rumors. He said the rumors will be investigated seeking the help of cyber experts and those found guilty will be punished and informed by the DC. Stay tuned to know more about the case only with us and others.

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