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Nagpur Diamond Crossing: Reality and Myths

Nagpur Diamond Crossing
Nagpur Diamond Crossing

A Diamond Crossing is a terminology coined by Railways to define a pint where two railway lines cross at any angle tend to form the shape of diamonds at the crossing point. It is extremely rare to see and the Nagpurians are lucky to have this in the city. In Nagpur, we have a Double Diamond Railway crossing, which often formed by forming two double lines that end up crossing each other. We often hear a lot of things around it but not all are true as some of them tend to be myths:

The myths suggest that diamond crossing indicate the center or the zero mile of India, while the fact claims that it is not.

The myths suggest that tracks from North, South, East, and West meet this point to make it a double diamond crossing. While the facts claim that only three lines meet at Nagpur, one comes from Gondia (Howrah, Raipur and Rourkela line), while the other comes from Delhi and the other comes from the south which splits into two to Bombay and to Hyderabad from Wardha. One of these lines from Gondia forms the diamond crossing, the other two tracks that forms the diamond crossing is the service lines.

The myths suggest that Nagpur only has a diamond crossing in India, however, the fact suggests that Nagpur is the only Diamond Crossing in India, while one more exists in Delhi.  Also, the Dhanbad junction had one but was dismantled. Similarly, a perfect 90-degree Diamond Crossing used to exist in the new-defunct old Ernakulam Terminus too.

The British considered Nagpur to be the center point of United India, but after participation, things changed for the midpoint of the country now one can find the same near Itarsi.

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