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Nagpur Gets Good Results for the Janta Curfew in the City

Considering the number of increasing cases for COVID 19 in the city, we see things getting worse making the local administration a second chance for Janta Curfew. This made them decide last weekend to be a two days lockdown to break the number of increasing cases in the city. It seems that the two days break has given a decent result to the Nagpur residents informing the NMC Chief Mr. Tukarm Mundhe. Showing the satisfaction on the result of the two Janta curfew, both the NMC Chief and Mayor Sandeep Joshi were happy to inform the positive effects of the same.

They said that there was a good response from the people that made the difference in the city. But despite all this, the cases in Nagpur for the virus somewhere remained the same. On Sunday, 155 cases for Nagpur were reported while for the rural areas, around 119 cases for the virus were reported. Even on Monday, the reported cases were 175 but considering the response to the curfew, both Mundhe and Joshi are expecting some long term results in the future claims the reports of the Hitavada Cityline.

On the other side, there were seven deaths reported on Monday taking the toll to more than 40 in the city. However, both are hopeful to see a decline in the number of cases getting in the city. They said the result of the two days ‘Janata Curfew’ in the city would be witnessed next week. During the two days Janta curfew, all the rules were followed by the people. Currently, the cumulative number of positive cases has reached 3,925 and the cumulative recovery figure has reached to 2,193.

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