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Nagpur Ground Water in a Bad State Claims TERI Reports

It is not just the air of the city, which seems to have gone toxic for the Nagpurians but also the groundwater that has gone bad now claims the reports revealed by the concerned department of New Delhi called TERI or The Energy and Resources Institute. The same reports also claim that the Nag river of the city has remained the most polluted one in Nagpur.

The report has been generated after collecting water samples from 284 monitoring stations all across the state between April 2018 till March 2019. Thus we have yet another reason to get entangled with different health hazards in the city. Every year we see the Maha Pollution Control Board collecting the samples at the different monitoring stations twice a year and send them out to TERI for carrying out the analysis of the water.

As per reports, out of 14 monitoring stations in the state 12 of them are highly polluted which unfortunately also includes the ones from Nagpur as well. This has therefore given the bad level of water making Nagpur suffer on the indexes of Water Quality. The various parameters that are checked include calcium, nitrate, sulfate, and fluoride in the Borwell waters in the city particularly the ones found in Bhandwadi and other places that have exceeded the danger level. The reports also suggested that Nagpur remains the worst place when it comes to water pollution in the city. The water level at Pilli river too is in a bad state. Stay tuned to know more on it only with us.

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