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Nagpur Had Eid with Minimal Celebration 

Nagpur Had Eid with Minimal Celebration 
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With the current lockdown, everything seemed to have gone standstill. Even the celebrations of Eid have remained confined inside the homes of people celebrating this big day. The social gatherings on the big day would be avoided by the city Muslims and as decided, people chose to stay inside their homes keeping the festivities at the lower tone. The celebration of Eid is carried out after a one-month duration fasting by the community.

The local leaders have appealed to all the community not to come out for prayers as the Mosques remained locked due to the COVID 19 virus in the country. Prominent leaders of the city have asked the Muslims to avoid things like Eid shopping and other things to avoid breaking the laws and norms as set by the health bodies like WHO for obvious reasons. Talking about the same, most of the leaders of Nagpur from the community have appealed to the people to avoid spending money on the celebration.

Instead they have asked to donate the money for the cause of helping the poor and the helpless. Talking about the same, Dr. Anwar Siddiqui President JIH Nagpur Metro said that one should have the celebration with family without going out. He appealed to the masses to avoid coming out for any kind of celebration. Similar was the statements coming from the different other social and prominent personalities of the Nagpur city. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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