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Nagpur in Red Zone, as States Divide in Red, Orange, and Green

With the number of cases for COVID 19 reaching to its peak of 44 in Nagpur, the city has been declared as Red by the state government. The cases in the city for the virus have gone drastically high in the city since the past few days, which compelled the state ministry concerned about the same to take such a strict decision. The state has marked the region with three different colors – Red, Orange and Green depending upon the number of cases found in the state.

Currently, Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur of the state fall in the Red Zone with the highest number of cases found in these regions. The region with more than 15 cases would be counted in the red, Nagpur reaching with the figure of 44, it was obvious to see it entering into this zone. While the region with less than 15 cases will be counted among the orange, while it if is below five it will be counted in the Green Zone. The regions falling in Orange and Green zones are likely getting some relaxation.

Of late, the number of cases for the virus has gone up drastically and is likely to remain at the higher side for few more days to go. So far India has recorded the list of around 8000 cases in the country with more than 274 deaths. The past 24 hours have witnessed 34 fatal cases. This is perhaps the key reason why the Prime Minister Mr. Modi has now extended the lockdown from 14th April to 3rd May. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. And stay at home to stay safe.

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