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Nagpur: Monthly Covid-19 cases drop by 45% in October, no death in city

The test positivity rate for the month of October is around 0.15%. And in this month, more than 97,000 tests for covid-19 have been done.

Nagpur: After an increase of the same percentage in the month of September, the cases of coronavirus in the district have come down by about 45% in the month of October, However, there is only a slight difference in the covid-19 test positivity rate (TPR) of these two months.

nagpur covid-19 cases

The test positivity rate for the month of October is around 0.15%. And in this month, more than 97,000 tests for covid-19 have been done. In the month of September, the test positivity rate for more than 1.45 lakh tests for COVID-19 was around 0.18%.

In the month of October, 154 cases of covid-19 were registered. Which is just a little more than 145 of the month of August. The lowest since April 2020. Not a single coronavirus death has been reported in the city in the month of October.

The deceased was partially vaccinated against coronavirus. On the date of 18 October, he was brought from the Gadchiroli district to a private hospital. He was also tested in that city. And so, it was only after his death on the date of 27 October that his death was added to the coronavirus toll of the district of Nagpur.

The doctor doing the treatment has also told that from the very first day of admission, the woman’s breath was very short. And the woman was put on the ventilator. The doctor said “Woman had weakness and fever. He was the only known case of hypothyroidism. The woman had been in a cytokine storm long ago. And yet she was given Tociluzumab and Remdesivier to save her life. Her son and husband had also tested coronavirus positive and were then advised to be admitted inside the hospital. But he had given priority to home isolation. And they were doing well.”

Woman Dies Due To Covid-19

The very next day the district of Nagpur has registered 0 coronavirus days so far. However, on the date of 28 October, more than 28,00 covid-19 tests were done. This was the 3rd time since the date of May 16, 2020. And 2 times in the last 2 weeks when 0 covid-19 cases were reported in the district.

This district had recorded 0 coronavirus tally for the second time on the date of 15 October. Earlier, as of 29 September, more than 4,300 tests had not detected a single coronavirus case. Which was the first similar incident in about 547 days (from May 16, 2020).

Not a single resident of the district had died due to coronavirus since August 12. The villager of Nagpur has not recorded the death of a woman from Gadchiroli district since July 30, until the death of a woman due to coronavirus was officially recorded here. Between August 12 and October 30, the 2 coronavirus deaths recorded in Nagpur district’s count are of covid patients from the outer district. The second covid patient had died in the city on the date of 29 September.

Experts have called for maximum covid vaccination coverage and strict adherence to the coronavirus norms to ensure it completely. So that it can be ensured that this area remains coronavirus free. And Nagpur has performed very well as far as covid vaccination is concerned.

Data for last 4 months

Cases—- Deaths—- Month
528 ——–16——–July

(Figures of July reconciliation not included. *Outer district case)

Total Tests* | 40,00,115

Oct Tests | 97,310

TPR | 0.15

Sept | 1,45,368

TPR | 0.18

(*Since the start of covid-19 pandemic)

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