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Nagpur Oranges Get orders from Qatar and Behrain

The Nagpur oranges are world-famous we know that. Thanks to the growing demand for fruit all across the world. Now, as per the reports, there is a growing demand for oranges from Nagpur region to the Middle East nations like Bahrain and Qatar. Despite there seems to be a loss for oranges in the region, the demands for the same has grown in the world. The losses seemed huge yet the demands are also growing good in the international market.

As per reports, the oranges from the Nagpur region are in good demand. The said countries have demanded 30 containers of oranges. Each container would have 25 tonnes of oranges. Talkin about the same the company called MahOrange director Mr. S Thakre said that the Mrig oranges of high quality and that is the reason why they tend to be on high demand.

While talking about the same, he said that these oranges have a good demand from countries like Bangladesh and other neighboring nations. They have exported 6 tonnes of oranges to BD, while an earlier similar amount of fruit was sent out to the Middle East based nations. However, this time the demand has increased and that the company would provide the same to the said nations soon. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. Meantime, if  you have anything worthy to share, you can comment below and let us know what do you feel about this story.

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