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Nagpur Oranges – Where You Can You Find them the Best in the City

Nagpur Oranges - Where You Can You Find them the Best in the City
Nagpur Oranges Market

Best Places To Buy  Nagpur Oranges

If you an orange lover then this place will always attract you. The city is known to produce some of the best oranges, which makes this place popular not just in India but also abroad. It has some of the best markets for oranges and Kalamna Market is the place where one can find the best oranges in the city. These can be obtained at a reasonable price and ensure that you visit this place between Feb and March.

So, what makes this place so very special, that’s an important question one poses before he or she does not know much about the oranges. The oranges produced in Nagpur is known to have slightly reddish tinge along with the medium size, which is more sweeter and juicier than the ones found in other places. The city has several places to obtain oranges and some of these include the following:

Kalamna Market – Think of orange market and Kalmana is the top place to get the same where you find maximum number of fruit vendors selling the renowned mandarin oranges. The following are the other places that can help you buy oranges from this place, let’s check them out as under:

kalamna Nagpur
kalamna Nagpur
  • Rupchand Lalchand Fruit – A popular type of orange to be soled mostly in Kamptee Road in Nagpur. These remain shiny uniformly orange-colored texture, while others could be of a hint of yellow/green with good tastier.
  • Om Prakash Fruit Company – It is located on Ring Road in Nagpur while buying the oranges consider the weight and size of the orange it has a certain correlation with its size.
  • Andhra Fruit Company – It is located at Kalamna Market that offers high-quality mandarin oranges.

Cotton Market – In Nagpur, you can find the same at Santra Market near Cotton Market, it is located at Guru Teg Bahadur Marg, Mahatma Fule Bazaar, Sitabuldi in Nagpur. One can find the best mandarin oranges here.

Cotton Market
Cotton Market Or Mahatma Fule Market
  • Om Prakash Fruit Company – It is located at Kalamna market while the shots of this place is located on East Railway Road, near Deepak Restaurant.
  • Nigahe Karam Fruit Center – Located at the Santra Market Road, and it enjoys a good reputation where you can find the best of the quality.
  • Satish Fruit Centre – Located at Cotton Market that offers quality mandarin oranges and checks the oily thing when you scratch with your fingertips to check the quality.
  • Sageer Fruits Company – Yet another trustworthy shop selling mandarin oranges include this place which is located at Cotton Street.
  • Arif Fruit Company – Found in the Cotton Market, it offers high-quality mandarin oranges.

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