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Nagpur Police Seeks YouTuber MKBHD’s ‘Help’ to Issue Warning to Citizens About the ‘Hefty Challan’

As the challan for motorbikes and cars soars, the Nagpur Traffic Police is leaving no stone unturned to make aware the local people about the new traffic rules and the raised amount among the citizens of the city. The Nagpur Police has embarked upon with a new initiative wherein it has sought the help of a YouTuber MKBHD to warn the people against the new rules implemented and the huge money raised for the challan.

Nagpur Traffic Police
Nagpur Traffic Police

Marques Brownlee is a popular face on YouTube who usually reviews technology stuff. He is known for his strong facial expressions and using the same, he has been explaining the people about following the traffic norms. His fans are taking him very seriously, thanks to the title of High Definition he has at the end of his name. YouTube will also review the technology and gadgets that deals with encryption moderation between the tech companies and government in terms of user privacy and the added amount of threats to national security.

So, when Nagpur Police was seen tweeting about the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act of 2019, it seemed normal as they were able to leverage the facial expressions of MKBHD along with the memes they have shared over the official page. The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill in the year 2019 is going to seek the help of making the traffic rules against the driving errors making it more stringent when compared to the same by imposing the higher amounts like a fine and thus making it compulsory like an existent necessity. Stay tuned to Nagpur Oranges.

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