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Nagpur Streets Go Style Studded, Transformed into Happy Streets on Sunday

Winters have always been about those oversized sweaters and jackets. Wearing these oversized winter clothes is becoming a trend these days. People flaunt in style wearing these winter clothes and mornings simply wear a classy look. Sunday mornings are witnessing the style quotient of different people at Happy Streets, Nagpur.

Happy Streets is an initiative of Times Of India and Maharashtra Times to bring the Nagpurians on streets, on chilling Sunday mornings. It starts at 6 am every Sunday and ends at around 9 am. The people come up there with high spirits. Many activities are carried out at the Happy Streets and people show up in their cozy winter-wear. Nagpurians have the perfect fashion sense as can be seen at Happy Streets. While some people prefer wearing a sweater paired up with a scarf and boots; some others step-out in their night wear without a second thought.

There are some people who confidently walk-up in their cute shorts and knee-length outfits to rock the street. People are also spotted in their sports wear and sports shoes. Happy Streets has surely given the residents of Nagpur a chance to give a fresh start to their day and in return, people don’t miss an opportunity to style up the Happy Streets with their happy faces. They are highly driven towards a healthy start to the Sunday mornings and actively take part in all the activities carried out there. There’s an ocean of style to be watched at; at the Happy Streets where a part of the crowd turns up in a funky look while another part teams up in a properly-dressed outfits with matching footwear. Indeed, Happy Streets have now becomes a style-icon with that perfect fashion sense among Nagapurians.

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