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Nagpur Turns Too Noisy as Pollution exceeds the limits

Its not a good news for Nagpurians as they see their city turning into a violent one emerging as the most noise polluted place in the state. All thanks to the exceeding level of pollution that has gone beyond the safety limits following everywhere in Nagpur. As per a study carried out by the city leading environment group called NEERI or National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, things have turned alarming when we talk about noise pollution.
It was two years back when we saw the city having its first of its kind noise pollution system carried out on bicycles with Rakesh Kumar the director of the NEERI carrying out the show. This backed with a scientific study helped to carry out the proper monitoring of the sound pollution in not less than 38 wards in city. In the said study, out of 38 wards, 16 wards were seen remaining in the high nosie level area.
The study revealed taht the increase in vehicular traffic contributed more than 55 per cent of noise pollution in the city. Level all over city seemed to be have exceeded permitting the CPCB standards. The study also indicated that noise remains the most vital sources of envrionment pollution in metro cities. The study indicated taht the noise level in city has gone beyond the set yardsticks of CPCB and WHO. The noise pollution is primarily due to the traffic congestion during the honking at the areas. Perhaps this could be an alarm for the city honkers, you need to be aware of the same.

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