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Nagpur: Wokhardt Hospital treats 200 corona patients

Nagpur: The global pandemic has infected around 693K citizens of the state claiming the lives of 22,465 individuals.

Where the number of confirmed cases in the second state capital has crossed 20,000, the covid warriors are fighting head and toe to treat the infected.

The Covid-19 unit of Wockhardt Hospital here has treated atleast 200 cases within a short span of time and is continuing to do so.

One of the most surprising aspects here is that none of the staff members including consultants, nurses, technicians etc have tested positive for this deadly disease following extremely strict safety measures for not just themselves but for the patients too.

The centre head here said, “We have dedicated isolation areas, clear guidelines for screening of visitors as well as staff, formulated policies for admission and screening of OPD patients to ensure that not just the staff but also the other patients coming for regular check ups are not infected in our Non-Covid Hospital”.

“In the dedicated Covid hospital, we take all the necessary measures for staff safety and make sure that patients receive proper care and treatment”, she further added.

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