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Nagpurian Appeal to Boycott Chinese Rakhi this Festive Season

As the festive season of Rakhi is all set to come next month, we see the market getting the products for the same. One of the popular stuff that are sold in this season the most are the Rakhis. However, a majority of these come from China market and they have been popular in the local market. However, with the recent announcement for Chinese products ban in the country in the wake of the death of 20 brave Indian soldiers in the border area, the Nagpurians want to boycott the Chinese rakhis now.

The campaign was lauched by the body called Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT). It has come out to take mileage on the anti-Chinese sentiment thus calling the consumers to say no to Chinese products and consider the Indian ones. Since the past few years, we have see the China made Rakhis and other products getting popular in the city. As per the Nagpur Live reports, all the products including Rakhi, pearls, foam, drops, decorative Thali and thread to name a afew are gained popularity in the Indian market.

Now, as Mr. B.C.Bhartia and Mr. Praveen Khandelwal who are the CAIT National President & Secretary General from the city, the Chinese products should be banned in our market. These have  emerged as a blessings in disguise for the local market as they are available at low cost. With the ban, the local artisans, and other work force will get a sigh of relief and employment in a big way. Both the un-skilled women to semi-skilled worker in the city have been affected with the advent of Chinese Rakhis. Thus the Nagpurians feel that they should boycot Chinese Rakhis this festive time.

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