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Nagpurians celebrated the Cleanest Air Diwali this year so far

The Diwali 2019 has been recorded as the cleanest air festival so far when we compare it to the previous four years. The people of the city breathed the cleanest air this festive time claims the government data. Although there was the presence of particulate matter in some areas but overall the picture seemed okay allowing people in the city to breath clean and fresh air. The Central Pollution Control Board has shared the data revealing the same.

As per the CPCB Data, the Air Quality Index remained at the safe side. This year the Diwali went smooth all thanks to the unpredictable rains that ruined the celebration moods but it somewhere helped the Nagpurians to breathe clean air. As per the data, the third day of Diwali, which is on 29th October was reported to be the worst in terms of pollution. As per reports, the PM on these dates – 29 and 30 remained somewhere close to 2.5 with some toxic pollutants reaching to the danger levels.

The reports also suggested that the Panchami night (31st Oct) too witnessed the same as we found the PM level going as high as 242 giving the city the worst AQI. However, it remained for a limited time frame without bugging the people in the city. Earlier the last two years, the AQI seemed on the higher side reaching somewhere to 192. Last year it has remained somewhere close to 168. Although the data revealed that it was a clean Diwali this year, yet at many parts of the city inside the congested areas, people complained about the smog.

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