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National Geographic Halloween Quiz Answers 2020 : Play and Win Exciting Prizes

We love National Geographic channel from our childhood, and we can allow our kids to watch this channel too, this is only channel with the full of information for ours kids with full of educational information. Get set to shiver with this Spooktacular quiz! Find out if you are a Halloween expert by answering our ten quiz questions. Missed a few? Better hit the books at ghoul school and try again!

National Geographic Halloween Quiz With Answers

1 ) Question : Which Vegetable was originally used to make jack-o’Lanterns?

Answer : Turnips

2) Question  : Which Animals are most commonly associated with witches ?

Answer : Black Cats

3) Question : What Day is Halloween Celebrated on ?

Answer : 31 October

4) Question : Spiders have eight legs, but what other body part do they usually have eight of

Answers : 8 Eyes

5) Question : What sort of Supernatural being in Dracula ?

Answers : Vampire

6) Question : Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is a holiday celebrated near Halloween in which country?

Answers : Mexico

7) Question :If you saw a mummy chasing you on Halloween, which country would you guess it had come from?

Answers : Egypt

8) Question : The corpse flower gets its name from its:

Answers : Smell

9) Question : What is a pumpkin ?

Answers : Fruit

10) Question : Which of these words is another word for “Ghost”?

Answers : Phantom

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