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National Science Day celebrated on 28th February

National Science Day was celebrated on 28th Feb, 2020 in the NEERI auditorium by CSIR National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI). Prof. Anushree Malik is the Institute Chair Professor and Head for Centre for Rial Development and Technology, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi was the Chief guest for the occasion.

Dr. Hemant Purohit, Chief Scientist and Head, Environmental Biotechnology and Genomics Division, CSIR-NEERI was also present on the occasion with Dr. J. S. Pandey who is the Chief Scientist and Head of Climate Change and Skilling Division, CSIR-NEERI, and Dr. Zareena Qureshi who is the Principal of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Nagpur.

Prof. Malik focused on the key technologies that have been developed by the Centre for Rural Development and Technology, IIT Delhi. A brief idea about biogas enrichment and bottling technology for vehicular application, algal wastewater treatment, waterless and odourless sanitation technologies and biofuel technologies. She made everyone aware of the fact that profiling of the medicinal plants is essential for obtaining novel photomolecules to cure human diseases and plant & animal diseases.

The importance of social science to connect rural society with laboratory activities was highlighted by her. She asked to carry out researches in laboratory so that the benefits of science are obtained by all people in the society. She added that bringing out science from the laboratories and implementing them in real life is a quite tough challenge for the researchers but something has to be done in regard to this. The lecture was praised by all those present there in the celebrations.

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