Nikhil Kumar Jain: The Rise of a “Phoenix” in Digital Media space

Nikhil Kumar Jain
Nikhil Kumar Jain

What differentiates a successful entrepreneur from the rest of the crowd? It is the fact that he showed up when no one did, he believed in himself when no one else did and he solved the problems that others thought are impossible to solve.
Nikhil Kumar Jain one such man who rose to fame in the Digital Media industry recently. People in the Entrepreneur and Digital community call him “Social Media King “. What sets him apart from the crowd is that he knows how to address a problem and finds its solution just seamlessly. He is so smooth at his art, (that’s what he likes to call his style of business) that the clients he works with can’t resist but just love taking his service again.

He has worked with many corporate brands, big and small and has delivered interesting numbers and growth. Be it Social Media Marketing, SEO or other niches, he deals with everything. Currently he is focussing on the niche of “Personal Branding” and Social Media Marketing has helped so many people including public figures from Modelling Industry, Bollywood, Sports to Politics.

On asking Nikhil Kumar Jain about his decision, he says “I never really had thought about making career in this space but once I got in, the support and love was tremendous and I was making pretty decent money so I thought why not continue this?” And Now He Has 5 Years Experience Digital Marketing Industry And Also He further adds that he loves trying on new things and learn how to do things completely different from the way others do. Apart From Digital Marketing Industry Experience He Also Have 5 Years Experience In Gym Field And It Was Very Challenging To Excelling In Differents Fields But Nikhil Has Proved It With His Dedication And Satisfaction Services That is his recipe for success.

The personal branding game is not only limited to Influencers now. We all if we have a business and we are on Social Media need to present ourselves personally because it is a process of Trust Building. You are more likely to visit a shop in your locality whose shopkeeper shares a bond with you. That is the thing with Personal Branding. People come to me and say, “I want to make my business popular” but you can’t if you are just going to sell and pitch your discounts. You have to create content and that is my advice as a personal Branding consultant to everyone.

He hesitates on talking about his net-worth but our sources tell that his company has annual turnover is in millions.“The idea is to work hard, help the people in need and party harder” says Nikhil Kumar Jain flaunting his boyish charm and authenticity in his voice is enough to tell that Nikhil is a true value giver and a success story. We wish “Nikhil Kumar Jain” all the best for his million dollar future.

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