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NMC Chief Addresses City on Social Media

Tukaram Mundhe

As the lockdown 4.0 comes to an end today, we saw the NMC chief Mr. Tukaram Mundhe addressed the people of Nagpur informing about the future lifestyle that is to be followed. He was addressing the people in the city highlighting some of the key points one has to take care of the residents. Mundhe was seen talking about the current situation of the city and the preventive measures to be taken care to keep a good control of the same. 

He was pleased to see the faster recovery of people in the city which has crossed the 300 mark leaving a small chunk of people in the garb of the virus. He said the city is now witnessing more number of green zones now. 

He said he would restrict or allow things to move in the right shape as per the guidelines of center and state governments that can further help to carry out life in the fifth lockdown with ease. 

He then discussed the current situation of the healthcare system coming into force. He talked about the number of labs that are active in the city and the way these have played the part in Nagpur. He then informed about how the facilities in various government hospitals have improved with time, which were earlier in a bad shape. 

He assured that the people in the city would keep on getting the best medical facilities. He went on to say that if any government or private hospital denied giving the healthcare services of any kind, one call to him or the NMC would make all the difference for them. He ended his speech asking people to take care and witness as many precautions one can get in their lives as possible.

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