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NMC contractors paid twice for one work, not recovered money

During the General Assembly Question Hour on Friday, Pravin, MLC, and corporator have also said that this is a big irregularity and also a loot of people's money.

Nagpur: The fourth scam has come to the fore in the last 18 days in the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), which is facing a cash crunch. City Bharatiya Janata Party president Pravin Datke has alleged that the civic body had issued double payment to several contractors for doing the same work about two years ago.

During the General Assembly Question Hour on Friday, Pravin, MLC, and corporator have also said that this is a very big irregularity and also a loot of people’s money. The Accounts and Finance Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation had issued payment of some works twice to many contractors, That is, double payment for doing one thing. The payment of Nagpur Municipal Corporation is released to the contractors from the accounts of the Bank of Maharashtra. This happened in Diwali 2019. And Bank of Maharashtra was surprised to see the same contractor disbursing the same amount twice.

System Changed GST

Because of this, the bank officials also wrote a letter to the Nagpur Municipal Corporation giving information about the matter. But still, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation had not recovered the amount from the contractors even after a lapse of two years. Even after its investigation, action should be taken against all these concerned officers and the entire amount should be recovered from the contractors along with interest.

However, Mayor Dayashankar Tiwari has not given any decision in this matter itself.

Pravin also said that Nagpur Municipal Corporation had awarded certain contracts to several contractors after the implementation of VAT. During the execution of works by the contractors, the system has changed to GST. Nagpur Municipal Corporation had released payment under GST to the contractors. Due to this Nagpur Municipal Corporation also suffered financial loss.

On this, Tiwari had directed Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishnan B to form a committee and submit a report after investigation.

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