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NMC in a Legal Trouble on Roads’ Poor Condition in Nagpur

Bad roads, potholes, and slow construction of cement roads at most of the places in the city has made things bad to wors. The ongoing contruction of flyovers, metro railways and the cement roads have remained the matter of concern for all. The pathetic road conditions due to the sudden rise in potholes have made things abd to worse. Recently, the NMC was given suo motu by the Bombay High Court Nagpur Bench for not dislosing hte named of the corporators who have been associated with the road construction.

The hot mix department of NMC has been associated with the conditions of the roads in the city. The road from Subash Nagar to Ambazari has been in bad shape. In fact, a large portion of the roads has been damaged due to the ongoing work of the metro station. The road constructed by the Maha Metro Project seemed to have come in a bad shape having lots of potholes in it in a patch of one km.

The roads in the rainy season have become bad to worse and have now turned into accident-prone areas considering the number of potholes that were filled with water turning a slippery zone due to loads of mud and dirt. Now, the authorities are making the road smooth as NMC has already constructed the road earlier. Now, the potholes are again filled with tar in the said location. This is not just the case of Ambazari road but the condition of all the roads, which are under construction.

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