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NMC paid full attention to demand for vaccination

On Wednesday, 1 person took to Twitter to complain that despite filling the online form several months ago, his mother lying on the bed was not harassed at all.

Nagpur: From the date of 1st December, issue a warning to stop the first covid dose absolutely free. And apart from making COVID vaccination mandatory for all visiting government premises, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is going the extra mile for all.

NMC paid

On Wednesday, 1 person took to Twitter to complain that despite filling the online form several months ago. His mother lying on the bed was not harassed at all. The woman suffering from neuromuscular disease was vaccinated against covid at home by the nearby ‘Har Ghar Dastak’ team within about 6 hours.

A young IT professional has told that he was pleasantly surprised when the NMC team answered his concern online. Kartik has also said that he thought that it would take too much time. The vaccination center of covid is only about 200 meters away from his house but his mother cannot go there at all.

Also said that his mother was the only one left to do the work in his family.

Additional Municipal Commissioner whose name is Ram Joshi has also said that NMC will vaccinate any person with covid, In whatever way its demand was raised.

He has also said that whenever they ask for help over the phone. Or with the help of zone offices, on the social media platform. And we are engaged in vaccinating all the people at home for covid. Its facility can be extended for the second dose of covid only after the date of 30 November.

Delaying Their First Dose

The civic authorities have also said that all citizens should not delay their first dose of covid at all. This is also the best opportunity with the utmost focus on full coverage. He has also said that all the people who make phone calls are also responded to it with the same enthusiasm.

Pulmonologist Dr. Ravindra Sarnaik has said that there should have been a policy to reach all from the month of February, but the demand-supply imbalance created a huge hurdle on this.

It has also been said that similar innovative methods will also help in the clear deck for HCW, FLW and all high risk individuals to take a booster dose of covid.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Nitin Shinde has also said that this is a very good mop-up strategy as well. “We have just stood at a very critical point and there is also a need for very high herd immunity. Many citizens have taken the first dose of covid while many people still have their second jaw left. It will greatly affect who it is supposed to do.” he said.

Nitin Shinde has also said that this campaign is similar to Pulse Polio and it should be so. He has also said that it is a guarantee that the vaccination of covid is reaching everyone. A lot of people still avoid worrying about long registration, queues, time is taken, etc. So, if you happen to call or tag NMC on a social media platform and they respond as well.

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