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Not jabbed? No entry in government offices, no salary to staff

Instructions have also been issued to stop the salary of government employees who have not got the covid vaccination.

Nagpur: Targeting 100% coverage by the end of this month. District Collector named Vimala R has made covid vaccination mandatory on Wednesday to attend individual classes in senior colleges, get admission in government establishments and take good advantage of various schemes.

covid vaccination mandatory

Instructions have also been issued to stop the salary of government employees who have not got the coronavirus vaccination. Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is also likely to implement similar conditions now.

In this district about 81.79% of eligible persons have taken their first covid dose and about 39.97% have taken their second covid dose as on 2nd November.

The District Collector has told that an order to this effect will be issued in full on Monday. The Resident Deputy Collector has already issued a letter to the departments regarding this decision.

On Tuesday This decision was taken after a meeting of this district and civic officials with Uddav Thackeray Chief Minister.

She has said that now other districts have also taken similar decisions. 20% of the eligible citizens in Nagpur district still haven’t taken the first coronavirus dose.

In a statement issued by the District Information Office, it has also been said that citizens who have not taken the second dose of covid even after a gap of about 84 days. Those citizens will also not be allowed to enter government offices. With the first dose of covid as well as the coronavirus vaccination and so far having completed almost 84 days, as now much needed for the covidshield jab, they have been exempted from the decree.

New covid cases still coming every day

Vimla has said that “This measure is like an incentive for people to get covid vaccine. Now private establishments should also make it completely mandatory.”

On the eve of Diwali festival, Collector has advised all citizens to take good precautions and also released 1 video. Because the threat of coronavirus is not over yet. She has also said that “Covid new cases are still being received in this district every day. We should keep using masks to avoid this. I too have been completely vaccinated against covid. Right now I am also starting this campaign. From now on all people without covid vaccination will not be allowed in my office at all. Now I have also asked every government employee who comes in contact with all the people for full covid vaccination.”

The second dose of covid is mandatory for the employees from now onwards to attend any kind of government meeting to take good advantage of health services, government, private hospitals, and government schemes, the release said.

The release also said that the administration should make covid vaccination mandatory for all students above 18 years of age to attend individual classes or participate in any college activities. And now private establishments have also been advised to ensure the covid vaccination of all the people working with them at the time of hiring people and also with them.

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