Ola Bikes, Ride At Just Rs. 7/km

Traffic in the city no more in the control. People were spending hours in traffic jams and a lot more time is consumed than ten years ago. No more worries with the traffic. The online cab booking company Ola have now brought Ola bikes in the Nagpur city. The service has been launched in the city for pilot basis now.

Alongside the mini, micro and rickshaw, you will also get the option of booking bikes. You can also see them moving around you with passengers on it. After using the services, we found that using a two-wheeler is much cheaper than a cab. they are providing pick and drop service at just Rs37. The aggregator is providing the facility at just Rs7/km.

When we compare the prices of the same distance with rickshaw and a cab, they were almost double and triple. the cost for the rickshaw was Rs 72 and for the cab it was Rs 119. Not just the money, two-wheeler will surely be saving you time as well. Researches conclude that using two-wheelers, you can save your time by 30%. Our research about money says you can save your expenses by 50%  using a two-wheeler.

The company Ola is well aware of the rules and your security. You will get a helmet for you when you sit back with the driver. The driver will also be wearing one and there is nothing they are ready to tolerate as a mistake that will harm their customers. They are also recruiting bike drivers more and more. All you need to have to become one is a bike, driving license and all other documents and two helmets.

With the new transportation system for the passengers, it would be saving the time and expenses of the citizens of the city. A good initiative of the cab company.

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