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Only 64 COVID 19 Active Cases in Nagpur 

COVID 19 in Nagpur
COVID 19 in Nagpur

After the elderly man’s death due to cancer in the city who later tested positive for the virus, we now hear that the total death in Nagpur has gone up to eight. This constitutes 2 percent of death from the number of cases in the city. Two of the earlier cases testing positive carried one pregnant lady from Mominpura and the other was SRPF. On Monday, three more cases have been recorded that have brought the total number of cases to be around 412.

However, on the other side, out of these 412, a total of 313 cases have been tested negative as they have recovered. This has brought a recovery rate of more than 75 percent in the city, while the mortality rate was around 2 percent. Digging deep, only 64 COVID 19 cases have been found active in the City. Earlier the number of active cases was found to be 95 but with the recent update, the total number of cases in the City has found out to be around 64 cases.

As per the recent report of NMC on Monday, the active cases in Nagpur has gone down to 64. While the cumulative cases in Nagpur have been recorded to around 4839 and the earlier reports indicated the active case to be around 88. But as per the latest figures, the number of cases in the city has gone down to 64, which is really a good sign for Nagpur city. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

Source: The Hitavada Nagpur Paper

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