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Oximeter free of cost to home quarantined asymptomatic Covid-19 patients

Nagpur: Where the country has surpassed the total number of Covid-19 cases in the world, i.e., 3.3 million resulting in 60,000 deaths, the Nagpur divisional Commissioner Sanjeev Kumar have ordered free of cost distribution of oximeter in the city.

This will be given to asymptomatic patients opting home isolation to prevent them from happy hypoxia.

However, the NMC along with Nagpur police and District Collectorate would examine the oxygen levels of people with co- morbidity.

Their main concerns would be those having history of Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Asthma and ILI symptoms.

Those patients currently in home quarantine will be educated on the use of this oximeter and would be asked to continuously measure their levels of oxygen. In case the reading drops below 95, the patient will have to immediately contact NMC Helpline or nearest medical practitioner.

According to sources, the administration has joined hands with up NGOs and industry to produce oximeters in bulk quantity.

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