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Patients complain about food, cleanliness in MLA Hostel CCC

She has said that the rooms were not clean at all, the bathrooms were very dirty, and that the cleaner just washed the bathroom.

Nagpur: The patients of coronavirus have complain of filth in MLA’s hostel CCC. They have also complained that they were not given food, and they were forced too much to call them for food from home late on Monday evening. One of the covid patients has resorted to posting complaints online on social media platforms, including pictures of a clogged toilet, Because of which the health is getting worse.

patients complain

She has said that the rooms were not clean at all, the bathrooms were very dirty, and that the cleaner just washed the bathroom, leaving a tuft of hair on the drain cover, which blocked the flow of water. There were no dustbins in the rooms at all, and there was no control of any kind on the movement of coronavirus patients, Who had also gone out of CCC.

She has said that dinner was not served. And the canteen staff also told him that She was not informed at all. When he complained to the doctor, then he talked to the canteen man, And the doctor said that he would have to go to the canteen to get his food, which he refused. He asked them what is the purpose of isolation.

Pack extra food

The woman has also told that no PPE kit of any kind was given to doctors, nurses and housekeeping staff in CCC.

Officials have also admitted that most of the complaints were true, But regarding the food, he has said that the patient did not cooperate at all. He noted that many patients may have taken additional food packs as well, No one leaves for those who come very late. Doctors also pack extra food for very late-night admissions. She also called the doctor who did ask him to come and pick him up. She did not go down 2 floors but ordered food from the house.

Additional Municipal Commissioner Ram Joshi has said that the issue has been resolved. There were no complaints of any kind on Tuesday. There is paid service in the hostel canteen of MLA. Whereas NMC LE provides free food packs. Sanitation issues had already been taken up with the Public Works Department, Which has an annual maintenance contractor.

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