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Pigs on premises, school forcibly closed for half a day

The Seth Haji Yusuf Ghani Urdu Girls School also has two buildings for primary and high school sections in Bunker's Colony.

Nagpur: In Kamptee a private aided girl’s school, about 15 km from the city, has been forced to declare half-days for around 300 students. Because stray pigs had entered the premises on Monday. Because of which teachers and children are scared.

pigs on premises

The Seth Haji Yusuf Ghani Urdu Girls School also has two buildings for primary and high school sections in Bunker’s Colony. These stray pigs had entered the primary section from the main gate of the school. In a video shared by the parents, these stray pigs are seen roaming the verandah.

The headmistresses (HM) of the school, who has requested not to be named, she has said that stray menace is a very old issue throughout Kampti, But this was the first time these animals have entered the school. They have an acute shortage of manpower and the infrastructure is also in shambles. The government has also not released non-salary funds at all for the last several years. Keeping in mind the safety of the employees and the children, they decided to call it a day. Stray pigs were running here and there and had reached the upper floor as well. The primary section houses the students of classes I to IV.

Great extent in ridding

Headmistresses have also said that usually the staff is deputed at the gate to check similar infiltration. Today, he didn’t have anyone to post at the gate. Even he himself has recently retired, there is an extension of only about six months because the school would have been headless.

Sandeep Borkar, the CEO of the city council of Kampti, seems helpless about the stray menace. He has said that they are absolutely unable to find those who have caught the pig. This is a big problem not only for the school but for the entire Kamptee. He had also floated a tender a year ago but no one applied. Right now they are also planning to approach pig catchers from Tamil Nadu for the campaign. They will also need a lot of protection from the police as breeders fight with their staff when they go to catch the boar.

Pig catchers in Tamil Nadu helped the Nagpur Municipal Corporation to a great extent in ridding the city of pig menace in the year 2019.

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