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Pink Buses in City gets Low Occupancy with 6.2%

Nagpur e-bus for ladies

When the Pink E buses were introduced in the city, the initiative was applauded by the citizens of Nagpur. The only ladies buses in the city had big time celebration making news headlines all across the district. However, its been three months when we see the buses plying in different direction but the occupancy has gone to an average of 6.29 per cent only. Yes you heard it right, as of now only 295 passengers were seen travelling in 4697 capacity in five buses that did 77 trips so far within the city.

These buses operated in different places include Buldi to YCCE College, Buldi to Pipla Fata, and similar other locations. All the said buses used to ply on the said destinations since past one and half months and the response has been poor so far. As per the data released by the concerned department, so far the civic body has only raise around 57k by the sale of tickets in the past two months since it turned operational against the estimated cost of 5.41 lakhs. The State Transport has to bear the cost of the buses as 42 rs per km, which is huge making it a loss making service.

Talking about the issue, a senior offical from NMC siad that the more such buses should be given on different routes covering a larger areas along with other options like Apli Bus that can cover up the loss that are incured with the pink or only women buses in the city. However, the lady commuters claim that they do not feel any difference in travelling in the bus except the fact that it happens to be a only women bus. Rest is all the same right from the ticket to the roads and other conditions. Let’s see how long these buses would ply.

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