Piyush Dimri: From Gaming To Digital Marketing, A Defined Path

Piyush Dimri From Lucknow is a young entrepreneur who is dedicated to transforming his life even though he has come a long way. His life was not this chalked out and modified as a kid, but as soon as he realized that establishing himself would take a lot of effort, he all his energy into it.

We know how this generation is obsessed with games, be it a video game or a PC game. India has banned a few Chinese apps recently, and the players were furious because this was one of their simple pastimes. Piyush Dimri, too, was a dedicated gamer, formulating his strategies to cross every level and complete every mission. Although some people might think that gaming is a bad habit, it contributes a lot to sharpening a person’s mind and helping him understand the variables with the help he can win. People cannot understand that playing games can help you out in real life, provided you are similarly using the tactics. But again, too much of anything cannot be good, and Piyush started to realize that.

Back in the time Internet was not very common in every household like it is now, and people were just getting started with it, trying to earn and make profits. Piyush Dimri, too had a similar concept in mind. He wanted to make money online somehow. What is the best way to do that? Just Google it. It was not very wise of him because it certainly did not work; with advancements in the Internet world, the number of scams was also increasing. However, with possible research, he managed to land upon some sites he could own by using the online world. With the little amount of money that he had collected by the year 2014, he decided to invest in some other company.

All this time, Piyush was struggling because he could see himself advancing only at a little pace after years of working hard. His company Launchigo was his new hope. He established this with the help of a friend who introduced him to the world of digital marketing. Even though he never thought of this, he decided to move forward without thinking too much since he had already wasted enough time in unimportant investing.

His company has taken a different turn and enjoys every bit of digital marketing without regretting the choice this time. He thanks himself the most for realizing before it was too late. After all, if you are not passionate about your job, you certainly won’t succeed in it; Piyush Dimri would know that better than anyone else.

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