Plus Minus + – MX Player Feature Film Review

Overall a great effort taken by the team to portray “ LIFE”

Plus Minus + - MX Player Web Series Review
Plus Minus + – MX Player Web Series Review
  • Director – Kundan Sad
  • Star cast – Ganesh Deshmukh and Himanshu Bhandakkar
  • Genre – Fantasy, Science fiction
  • Production Company – Incognito Motion Pictures and ND Productions
  • Writer– Mohammed Hassan Ali
  • Music – Ambar Bhartiya
  • Cinematography – Kundan Sad
  • Ratings – 3.5



The film is about a man who wakes up alone in a room with no doors and windows. His survival elements are a few objects and gadgets in the room and his only friend is a rat. The film depicts his survival in such a demented situation.


‘+ -‘an interesting film that revolves around a man. It begins with the man wakes to find himself alone in a room with a few gadgets and a rat. The theme of the story may not seem to appeal who are looking for a typical mainstream entertainer movie but the way it is fabricated and the freshness the makers have added the twists and turns making the film enthralling.

The terrific Ganesh Deshmukh has completely driven a one man show, who as an actor has depicted this ordeal with such ease.

To talk about the highlight of the film, it was the sound design which was outstanding with the use of different sampling set. The art design and costumes were appropriately placed in the movie.

At one point of time in the film you will question yourself if this struggle would ever end and it takes a turn. To talk about the other elements of the film, direction, music, screenplay and editing, the team appears to be promising but still has a long way to go.

Overall a great effort taken by the team to portray “ LIFE” with a different impression.

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